Photo by Ringo Schubert

Hi! I'm Lisa,

Berlin PhD student with an interest in music, juggling, technology and cognitive science. If you are interested in any of the cool projects I've been working on, scroll down or check out my blog. You can also get in touch and find me all over the internet using the services below.

Recently I...

Joined a Makerspace and

...learned how to use a Lasercutter for all kinds of cool projects.

April 2021

Made a LaTeX template for preregistration

... on Overleaf.

April 2021

Worked on a power estimation tutorial

... using the JULIA language. Changes may still happen, but heres a preview.

April 2021

Taught an online class on statistics

... at CODE University and learned a lot about the stats and about collaboration.

March 2021

Published my first paper

... in a real scientific journal and they even asked me to write an article for their blog. Uni Potsdam also liked it :)

December 2020

Participated in Hacktoberfest

... although it had a rocky start, I took it as an oportunity to contribute to some open github projects.

October 2020

Recorded some more tracks

...with my band. We even have Instagram now. Stay tuned for the release :)

. September 2020

Presented a Talk at virtual VSS2020

... I would have preferred to give the talk live, but this way it will live on the internet forever.

March 2019

Had a great time at a scikit-learn sprint

... in Berlin, organized by WiMLD

January 2020

Presented a Poster at CCN Conference

... in Berlin, about my eye movement modelling work. Check it out here and here!

September 2019

Helped organize ASPP 2019

... mainly by contributing to the framework for the final project and by organizing sprints. Students use it to write bots that compete at playing packman as the final project.

September 2019

Presented a Poster at VSS Conference

... in Florida about visual long term memory and scanpaths and the difficulties of conceptual replication. Poster!

May 2019

Had a Recording Session and Concert in Brazil

...listen to what we've been up to Soundcloud:

April 2019

Enjoyed a 2 Month Sabatical South America, where there was an abundance of adorable Alpacas.

March 2019

Organized a python workshop

in the context of my graduate school.

Febuary 2019

Made an instrument practice helper

... to teach myself to play walking bass lines. It's a metronome/random chord generator/direction pointer. Maybe some else will also find it useful.

January 2019

Attended a workshop about Deep Learning and the Brain

... it was super interesting. Also Israeli food is lovely!

January 2019

Made a pretty new website for my band

...after we'd also decided on a name-change. Check it out here!

Dec 2018

Started Working on my PhD

... still in the field of vision science. Mostly I am working using bayesian parameter estimation to fit our biologically moticated model of eye movement.

September 2018

Learned about Bayesian Statistics

... at SMLP Summer School in Potsdam.

September 2018

Learned a ton of new programming skills

... and had an amazing time at ASPP Summer School in Camerino.

September 2018

Presented A Poster

... at ECVP 2018 conference in Trieste. My Poster basically summarizes my Master's thesis research.

August 2018

Got a Master's degree

... in cognitive science and Embodied Cognition. My thesis is about visual long-term memory and eye movement.

August 2018

Started a blog, where I want to share some of the projects I'm working on.

November 2017

Got a Real Job a researcher (and eventually PhD student) in this project. We will research and model eye movements during scene viewing.

September 2017

Presented my Research ECEM 2017 Wuppertal and ECVP 2017 Berlin. Here's the poster I presented.

August 2017

Started Studying Cognitive Science and Embodied Cognition a Master's program at Uni Potsdam.

Oct 2016

Completed my Bachelor Thesis

...titled Investigating the Central Fixation Bias

July 2016

Built this Little Tool

... for Image Annotation in the context of my work at uni. It allows the user to mark and annotate images and download a csv of the data.

July 2016

Learned about html, css and js building this website.

Feb 2016

Recorded some Songs with my Band

...listen to them on Soundcloud:

Feb 2016

Enjoyed a Trip to the EJC

...the European Juggling convention, a 7 day fastival in the north of Italy.

August 2015

Built a Platform Bed from Scratch

...check it out on imgur.

April 2015

Started Working at the University the Biopsychology Department. I'm a student research assistant and I program eye-tracking experiments in Matlab.

Oct. 2014

Started my BSc in Psychology the University of Potsdam.

Oct. 2014

Worked on the film set of a Splatter Movie

...called The Key . It premiered in November of 2015. I mostly did lights but here's me helping out the zombies.

August 2013

Explored the USA's west coast, Burning Man and the Cape Verde islands about it in my travel blog.

August 2013